New Bobby Fuller book out now!

Bobby Fuller Four : Rock ‘n’ Roll Mustangs : A Musical Overview of Bobby Fuller and Mustang Records
written, researched and annotated by Stephen J. McParland

CMusic Books, 2009. ISBN: 9781876788254

“This is the first book that attempts to document the musical career of Bobby Fuller and Mustang Records. After 40 years, the facts are finally presented in a cohesive form, based primarily on many firsthand recollections from those involved. Archival and fresh interviews have been used to piece together the story of the musical career of Bobby Fuller and also that of Mustang Records, together with its various offshoots such as Bronco, Selma and Scarlet.

The story begins in El Paso, Texas and ends tragically in Hollywood, California with Bobby Fuller’s murder by person or persons unknown.

Together with an exhaustive look at Fuller’s recording career, in particular the Bobby Fuller Four, the events surrounding his murder are dissected and the various theories pertaining to why he was murdered and who was responsible are also investigated.

The book comprises seven chapters, five appendices, a thorough index of 13 pages, 21 pages of B&W photos and graphics, and 12 full colour photo pages. The appendices include a complete Bobby Fuller discography and a Mustang Records discography, as well as 21 pages of notes.

It is hoped that this book will provoke a more thorough investigation into the death of Bobby Fuller. It is long overdue.”

Available from CMusic Books:

“I just want to say that you’ve done a helluva job! I want to thank you for doing it!” – RANDY FULLER

“I just want to tell you that I think this book is really cool! I do admire your research because it’s really good… the way you’ve laid it out… the pictures… I mean, it’s amazing… it really is. It’s very well done… you’ve done an amazing job.” – DEWAYNE QUIRICO

“You’ve done an excllent job” – LARRY THOMPSON

“I love the book! You have paid so much attention to details, in fact, there is so much information I thought I was never going to get to the end! You have finally done what nobody else has… after so many years. Thank you for doing what we have been waiting for… a great read about musicians who have been a vital part of the El Paso music heritage. Thank you! – RICK KERN,


5 thoughts on “New Bobby Fuller book out now!”

  1. I was in Vietnam on my first tour of hells half acre when my sister sent me a letter saying Bobby was dead..It shook me as hard as losing a close friend..we were supposed to die..not our hero’s…certainly not a guy with his talent…I would later read the many versions of what happened to Bobby before his body was discovered by his Mom…I have no clues nor the ultimate version of what occurred..BUT ..He did not commit suicide..You can drink gas until your baby comes home ..and it will immediately be thrown up …His body was in full rigor so he had been dead for several hours..If the Mob did it…it was by far the most ugly and foul looking death ever attributed to those boys..and someone please tell me why STILL not a movie has been made when Hollywood begs for these type of mystery deaths..?…And why the shoddy investigation by LAPD…This entire episode is just comical if it were not so tragic..I would love to get enough people off their asses and sign a petition to re-investigate this awful murder..The Fuller family deserve it..We owe Bobby’s memory that ..don’t you agree…?

  2. Hey steve you are so right about Bobby Fullers death that its about time that they relaunch an investigation into his murder not an accident or suicide.You see something was funny how the LAPD handle the investigation and murder site why would a veteran detective throw Away the gas can taken from the crime seen I believe that gas can was evidence.but those crooke sobs from LAPD didn’t want it solved and were probly in on it they should go back and check the records of was handling the investigation and if the detective is still alive hold him accountable

  3. Hey Good morning..thanks for staying in touch. .You know..I have been attempting in my own way to stir up interest in people’s hearts to involved in perhaps at least starting a grass-roots movement to do the Fuller family right..BUT..In all honesty, I haven’t a clue as to what to do from this point forward..Personally, I think if we are expecting the LAPD to suddenly see the errors of the original investigation and to right the wrongs is about as likely as it is for me to suddenly grow a thick patch of hair on me bean..not so likely..I do know this, you must have someone who knows there way around the sure to be road blocks that seemingly are sure to be awaiting them at both the Cop and D.A.level..Probably what I am saying is the person most likely to at least tell us how the game is played would be Private Detective experienced in dealing with the cob webs of old cases..Bottom line is to do this thing right , it’s going to take money and Randy Fullers cooperation to jar this thing from 45 years of getting others to get as fired up and relentless as it will take to make the public aware of what actually took place all those years ago and fr their to be enough evidence to get the D.A involved..And I just do not r ideas and thoughts..You are a writer I have learned..accurate?..What can you do with the experiences and perhaps the people you know that may be able to advise us where to go from here..I understand that Randy Fuller and a professional Author are close to having the book done that will finally at least give us the real facts of exactly what happened .to Bobby and him before and after that awful day in ’66..
    Also ..Randy will nave t be willing to walk in a couple of graveyards that he might not want to walk in..It is my understanding that He and Bobby’s half-brother ..”Jack” was also a murder victim several years prior to Bobby’s death..And that murder has never been resolved either..So is it possible the one had something t do with the other..Was Jack and maybe others within the Fuller family involved with something that may have gotten them both killed..?”..Tell me your thinking and if you see holes in my theory ..please feel free to educate me..Thanks so much for staying with me on this..that is encouraging..Stay frosty..Steve

  4. In every other mysterious show business death from the 1960s that I can find, such as Marilyn Monroe’s and Brian Jones’, people who knew the deceased came forward to say the deceased had issues. Two years after Marilyn’s death, one of her husbands wrote a stage play about her being a prisoner of her sadness. Hundreds of people said after Brian Jones died that he had appeared zonked out in public, including the Monterey Pop festival.

    But in the 1960s, nobody ever said Bobby Fuller was depressed, using drugs or drinking too much. As far as I can tell, nobody has come forward with such a story in the decades since.

    That is what makes the story of him drinking gasoline very suspicious.

    I hate to make a joke, but maybe a twist of Bobby’s own words is appropriate. At the moment he died, he was surrounded by at least two people who were fighting the law. The law lost.

    Flash forward to the 1990s and the 21st century. Performers are still dying strangely, but every such mystery can be debunked by eyewitness reports of the performer’s issues. Kurt Cobain was an intravenous heroin addict who wrote poems and lyrics about suicide for years. David Carradine was nutty.

    But Bobby Fuller remains someone who behaved himself, adjusted to life in a city that was so different from his home in El Paso, interacted positively with everyone he met and then … the gasoline, you know.

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