Upcoming authorized Bobby Fuller biography by Miriam Linna and Randy Fuller

I FOUGHT THE LAW: The Life and Strange Death of Bobby Fuller 1942-1966 By Miriam Linna and Randell Fuller In the works now is I FOUGHT THE LAW, the authorized biography of ill-fated 1960’s Texas music legend Bobby Fuller. Fuller biographer Miriam Linna, whose lengthy 1988 Kicks magazine biography sought to unravel persistent misinformation that … Continue reading

El Paso Rock Vol. 3 out now on Norton

Out now on Norton Records (Norton 318) is the long awaited third volume of Texas-era recordings from Bobby Fuller & the Fanatics, including a mess of sensational unissued live recordings and rarities! I Fought The Law / You Made Me Cry / Nervous Breakdown / Wolfman / Jenny Lee (Do The Jerk WIth Me) / … Continue reading