“Love’s Made A Fool Of You” / “I Fought The Law” / “Don’t You Ever Let Me Know”
The Bobby Fuller Four

London Records (France) 10179, 1966. Picture sleeve.

“Wine Wine Wine” / “Baby I Don’t Care” / “Not Fade Away” / “Pretty Girls Everywhere”
The Bobby Fuller Four

Eva Records (France) 2003EV8, 1990. Picture sleeve.


“I Fought The Law” / “Let Her Dance” / “Julie” / “You Kiss Me”
The Bobby Fuller Four
Sintonia (Spain) EP-83023, 1965. Picture sleeve.

I Fought The Law And Others
The Bobby Fuller Four

Munster Records (Spain) 7141, 2000. Picture sleeve. Colored vinyl. Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Side A:
1. “I Fought The Law” (Original Mustang 3014, 7″ Version) (Sonny Curtis) 2:18
2. “It’s Love, Come What May” (Mono Version) (Bobby Fuller) 2:01

Side B:
1. “My True Love” (Mono Unreleased Alt.) (Bobby Fuller) 2:18
2. “A New Shade Of Blue” (Mono LP Version) (Bobby Fuller/M. Stone) 2:58

Liner notes (in Spanish) by Íñigo Pastor, Munster Records.